Wedding Photography Dos and Don'ts

I have been photographing weddings for many years. I thought I would share a few of my wedding photography tips. Here, in no particular order, are a few of my favourites to think about before your big day.

The first of my wedding photography tips is for the Groomsmen. If you have a mobile and/or car keys on you, please don’t put them in a trouser pocket. It is not a good look in the photos. Place them in the inside jacket pocket where they won’t show.

Wedding Groomsmen
Tips for the Bridal Party

It is a good idea for the Bride to have an ’emergency’ kit to hand when getting ready and throughout the day. Here are some suggestions for things to include in your kit. A pair of nail scissors to cut hanging tags and labels. A needle, thread and safety pins are always handy. An emery board to scuff the soles of new shoes. Hair pins, as the day wears on hairstyles can need a quick fix. Plasters in case your wedding shoes begin to rub. A pack of tissues, there are always tears at a wedding. I carry all of the above items in my camera bag, there aren’t many weddings where these items don’t get used. Other useful items include a lint roller, spare shirt buttons and bra tape.

Brides, please give yourself enough time to dress. Allow at least thirty minutes to put on your bridal gown if has a backboard and lacing or tiny button fastenings. Bridal shop assistants fasten the dress at a fitting with ease. The reality on the wedding day is quite different. I usually see a nervous Mum, Sister or friend who has never actually performed this task before, let alone tried to perform it with a set of acrylic nails. A crochet hook is a handy instrument for those tiny button fastenings.

Wedding Photography Tips
Wedding Planning Meeting

It is essential to have a wedding venue meeting with your photographer. This way you can scout out the best locations for your photos in advance. Couples who have planned the details of their photography with me end up with the best results. I also recommend to my couples that following our planning meeting they go away and do a little homework. Look on Pinterest and in Bridal magazines to find photography ideas that will work with your venue and the style you want to adopt. Also, see how couples stand together in photos, what to do with their hands, whether they at the camera or at each other, etc. This all helps your photography to flow on the day and eliminates the element of surprise.

Share your planning details with close family members and the wedding party. It is important that they are all gathered in the right place in time for the group photos. You can lose twenty minutes of your photography time if a family member has wandered off to check in to a hotel. Let them know in advance if they are required for any special photos.

And Finally…

Those of you getting married in Church, have a conversation with your Priest or Vicar as to what photography they will allow. I am often told that no photographs are to be taken in church during the ceremony. This can be upsetting for a couple if this is a part of their wedding day they especially want documented. I always ask my couples to let me know what photography will be allowed for their wedding service, thus avoiding any disappointment.

Another good wedding photography tip is to buy yourself a wedding brolly. I work on the assumption that if you have purchased a brolly to keep the rain off during your bride and groom shots, you will never actually need it. Very rarely has this proved me wrong. And, anyway, a few brolly and welly shots can be fun.

Finally, do keep your photographer updated with all your wedding plans, we hate to miss a photo opportunity on the day.

I hope you have found my tips and suggestions for your wedding photography helpful. If you have a wedding planned and would like some further information please get in touch.

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