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Two wedding photographers or one?  This is always a dilemma for couples booking an all day wedding photography package.

In all my years as a wedding photographer I have seen the wedding industry and imaging technology change beyond belief.  However, I still find it impossible to be in two places at one time!

I spend considerable time planning each wedding with my bride and groom and yet it is often still tricky to capture every moment of their special day.  On occasions where everything is in one venue it is possible to document most of the details of the day. However, as soon as there is more than one venue in the mix logistics become difficult.

One of the major problems is traffic.  Only last week I was photographing Zoe and Simon’s wedding at the recently refurbished Frensham Pond Hotel.  Thank goodness for my second photographer!   Myself and the bridal party were stuck in holiday gridlock somewhere in Hampshire.   We arrived at the venue forty five minutes late for the ceremony.  Luckily my second photographer was able to keep shooting and reassure the registrars that we were on our way.

Another advantage of two wedding photographers rather than one at the start of the day is being able to capture the bride and the groom’s morning preparations.  This is a great time for some fun photos with all the Groomsmen and a chance to see both sides of the wedding day story.  After all the Groom is just as important as the Bride.

What I especially love about weddings with two photographers is the range of shots captured.  It allows for all the detail shots, candid guest shots, a selection of shots from quirky angles and a different perspective of the day.  Earlier this month I especially enjoyed working as a second shooter at Sophie and Chris’s wedding at Hilles House.  A different perspective on the day for me.   Allowing me to capture the Groom and his party meeting up in the pub for a pint.  As well as photos from the back of the church, guests chatting amongst themselves and some quirky group photos.

At the end of the day the decision for one or two wedding photographers lies firmly with the client and what their budget will allow.

Two Wedding Photographers


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