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Do you use Pinterest to pin and share your wedding planning and photography ideas?

I absolutely love Pinterest as a tool for working with my Brides and Grooms to share ideas and suggestions for their wedding photography.   I set up a board for each of my couples so that they can share images that they like and feel connected to.  It helps me create a visual for their wedding day, whether it is to set the scene or to understand the style of photography they want to create on the day.  We share and discuss the images pinned to come up with exciting and unique ideas for their wedding photography.

Pinterest is a must for any bride and groom!  This visual social networking site allows couples to plan and share all aspects of their day.  It offers inspiration for wedding themes, photography, invitations, cakes, flowers, bridesmaids and groomsmen, bridal gowns, hair and make-up styles, locations and so much more.

So if you are planning a wedding any time soon join the Pinterest revolution get yourself a board and get pinning!

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