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As soon as you say “headshot” everyone in the office is ready to run a mile!  However,  these days we all need a profile shot or two whether it is for website branding, internal office use or for social media.  I try to make the experience as enjoyable and relaxed as possible for you and offer you a selection of shots. Business portrait sessions can take place in your office  or chosen location.  I offer formal, informal or location style shots depending on your requirements.  Formal style shots use studio lighting and a selected background while informal and location shots are more natural and capture the individual in a business setting.

Environmental and business portraits can be an important tool in marketing any business.  If done right they can tell a story in a single image.  It is always an exciting challenge to provide a relevant image in a commercial setting.

A session can take anything from 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on your requirements.


If you would like to chat about business portraits for you, your team and your business or require a quote then please get in touch.




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